Pedestal Group Mailboxes & Cluster Mailbox Units (CBUs)


Group cluster mailboxes offer 3 advantages that single locking mailboxes do not, due to their design limitation:

  1. Secure outgoing mail
  2. Parcel locker cluster mailbox compartments
  3. Lower price per patron

All group cluster unit mailboxes must have USPS approval for change of delivery mode and location of the group mailbox. On a per customer/tenant basis, group cluster mailbox units are far less expensive than individual mailboxes! These can also be a great use as commercial mailboxes for an office building.

*Note: Prices include compartment Locks and Keys, Numbering, and Pedestal.  Plus Free Shipping! Please contact us for shipping outside of the continental 48 states.

  • Heavy Duty Series CBU's

    Heavy Duty Series Group Mailboxes Type 1

    Designed to meet or exceed newest USPS standards.

    Includes Pedestal and Free Delivery!  

  • INSTALLATION KITS for securing CBU Mailboxes to the concrete slab

    Photo of CBU Mailbox Installation Kits

    Includes Stainless Steel J-Bolts per USPS specifications for new concrete when installing Pedestal Group Mailboxes. Not available in most stores. We started installing mailboxes and concrete slabs in 1983 and we want to share our experience by making it as easy as possible for you.


               Kits also available with NEW Security                                    Break-Away Nuts



  • Outdoor Parcel Locker Group Cluster Mailboxes

    Outdoor Parcel Locker Cluster Mailboxes

    This is a redesigned OPL that meets the F-CBU security standards set by the USPS.

    Includes Pedestal and Free Delivery

  • Small Group Versatile Series Depot Mailboxes

    Small Group Mailboxes

    Our small group Depot Mailboxes using the latest USPS 4C regulations.

    This box comes in 8 different powder coat finishes and is heavy duty like our CBU group mailboxes.  It is Versatile!



Decorative CBU Combo Packages

Note: Free shipping costs for combo packages are for delivery to the continental 48 states only. Please contact us for shipping outside of the continental 48 states.

  • Deco option with CBU

    Deco Option

    The Decorative CBU Cap option provides an economical way to dress up the Cluster Mailbox Units required in some applications.

    Including CBU, Pedestal, and Deco options.  Plus Free Shipping!

  • Vogue Collection with CBU

    Vogue Collection

    The Vogue Collection is designed exclusively for our Heavy Duty locking cluster group mailboxes. Protect your investment with a stylish cluster mailbox mailbox that adds a polished touch to your neighborhood.

    Including CBU, Pedestal, and Vogue options.  Plus Free Shipping!





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