Wall-Mount Group Mailboxes & Mailbox Units

USPS ApprovedWall-mount group mailboxes offer three advantages that single locking mailboxes do not, due to their design limitation:

  1. Secure outgoing mail
  2. Parcel locker compartments
  3. Lower price per patron

All wall group cluster mailboxes must have USPS approval for change of delivery mode and location of group mailbox. On a per customer/tenant basis, group mailboxes are far less expensive than individual mailboxes!

4C Spec Horizontal Wall-Mount Group Mailbox Units

Replacing all previous horizontal or vertical wall-mounted group mailboxes as the USPS spec mailboxes for new construction and major renovations, the STD-4C horizontal mailbox system is configurable for nearly any size application while also providing the highest level of security for a wall mounted unit ever!


Vario Depot 4C4C Post Mount               4C with Surface Mount Collar


The 4C Horizontal is powder-coated and available in ten colors, including:

  • Silver Speck
  • Postal Grey
  • Black
  • Dark Bronze
  • White
  • Gold Speck
  • Sandstone
  • Antique Bronze

*Finished with a 'Pebble' texture



Also available are the Vario™ Depot, Surface Mount Collar, and Post Mount mounting options for installing the 4C wall group mailbox units.



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Replacement Horizontal & Vertical Wall-Mount Group Mailbox Units


Replacement Horizontals Mailboxes Example Image of a Replacement Verticals Mailboxes

Still available for replacement of old units, the 4B+ spec horizontal and vertical wall-mount group mailboxes provide a cheaper alternative to upgrading to the 4C while still providing moderate security. These group mailbox units are subject to special restrictions.

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