Single Locking Mailboxes

Home & Commercial Single Locking Mailboxes

US Mailboxes supplies Single Locking Mailboxes for commercial and residential security from mail and identity theft.  Our Single Locking Mailboxes are strong, sturdy, and designed to be vandal-resistant. 

These are stronger and more secure than what you might find at your local hardware store.

Please contact us for information on shipping outside of the continental 48 states.

  • Oregon Series

    Strength: Better - Security: Best - Value: Extreme

    Oregon Gorge Security MailboxesOregon Skyline Mailboxes

    We have sold and installed more Oregon Columbia style high security mailboxes than any other individual locking mailbox! Made in the USA!

    Mailbox Details

    Made in America!


  • Letter Locker Series

    Strength: Best - Security: Best - Value: Extreme

    Letter Locker MailboxesSuper Letter Locker Mailboxes Letter Locker Supreme Mailboxes Arrow Letter Locker Mailboxes

    The Letter Locker has set the standard for the industry, both vandal resistant and secure.  Made in the USA!

    Mailbox Details
    Letter Locker
    Letter Locker Supreme
    Super Letter Locker
    Arrow Letter Locker

    Made in America!





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